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Delivering corporate style IT services in simplified terms to meet the needs of small business.


We'll evaluate your current IT infrastructure (systems, network, software, etc.) and determine opportunities for improvement and cost reduction, as well as areas of risk.


Once your current IT capabilities are documented, we'll work with you to define your strategic technology goals and requirements.  By understanding your requirements, we'll work together to build a 1, 3, or 5 year plan to maintain the optimum level of IT resources.  In addition, with the right IT processes defined, we'll ensure that these resources are being used to provide the greatest benefit.

IT Service Management

Ensuring that your IT resources are available, working as expected, and providing maximum benefit on a day-to-day basis is a big concern.  We deliver the following:

  • Resource Optimization – install and configure computer systems and peripherals.  Design and install small office networks, or work with appropriate vendors to implement larger data network installations.
  • Problem Management – troubleshoot and resolve annoying problems with software and hardware systems
  • Release Management – ensure that software versions are up-to-date and licenses are actively maintained.  Assist in software and hardware upgrades.
  • Training – help everyone on your staff get the most out of your IT resources

Opportunity Management

As new technologies emerge and mature, new opportunities appear that can benefit your business.  Together we'll explore these opportunities and identify ways to take advantage.  For instance:

  • Do you have an effective web presence and is it regularly maintained?
  • Do you use social networking tools such as Facebook or Twitter to advertise or communicate with your customers?
  • Do you or your staff telecommute or work remotely?  Do you have the proper tools in place to do this most effectively?

Security Management

Your information and intellectual property needs to be secure.  These are some areas that need attention:

  • Virus and Spyware protection – We'll ensure that your systems have the right level of virus protection and that licenses and subscriptions are maintained.
  • Intrusion Prevention – We'll configure your wireless or wired network to prevent unauthorized access and data or identity theft.
  • Resiliency and Business Continuity – Most people understand the importance of backing up data, but if you have to restore a system, do you know where to start?  We'll develop a plan to ensure that data is backed up on a consistent basis, and should the unexpected occur, the right process and procedures to allow a speedy recovery with minimal loss of productivity.

Technology Advocacy

If you are working with a outside vendor on the design or implementation of a large IT project, we'll act as your advocate to ensure that your needs and requirements are being met, and that you are not being sold features or functions that you don’t need.  We'll “translate” the techno-speak that sometimes makes dealing with IT vendors difficult.